A Tour of kibbutz ketura

Welcome to a tour of Kibbutz Ketura where we will offer you a window into the fascinating world of the communal life of this unique intentional community with its deeply held values including a pluralistic approach to Judaism, social equality and justice, and how these exist in harmony with its innovative approach to technology and entrepreneurship, as well as other accomplishments. During your tour we will show you elements of community life as well as showing you the varied work branches and projects of the kibbutz.

Duration: 1 hour and a half 

Station along the tour:

·An explanation of the lifestyle of a collective communal kibbutz and how its values stand the test of time.

·An overlook and explanation of the first solar field built in the state of Israel and in the Middle East, established by the Arava Power Company (APC) here on the kibbutz. This is also the first photo-voltaic solar field in the world to be cleaned by automated robots. Currently it produces 5 mega-watts for the electric company.

·A visit to the off-grid demonstration village which aims at finding solutions for the developing world where infrastructure is not available. This village offers demonstrations of technological solutions and products developed by both Israeli and international startup companies. The village allows for research and testing of these items in field conditions, while allowing demonstrations to the public and to experts in the field in an authentic setting. The village focuses on technologies on the local scale for construction, filtering and purifying of water for drinking, self generated energy, and solutions for food security.  

·An overlook and explanation of Alqatech, the most innovative farm of its kind in the world for the production of algae, using advanced technology which allows for aquaculture in the middle of the desert. This farm produces a powerful antioxident in hundreds of kilometers of glass tubing bioreactors.

·A visit with our local celebrity “Methuselah,” an authentic survivor from the First Temple period. Methuselah is a unique date palm tree, the only one in the world, grown from a 2000 year old seed discovered in the archeological work on Masada, now flourishing in his home on Kibbutz Ketura.

·An overlook and explanation of the stately beautiful date palm orchards which produce about 800 tons of Medjoul and Dekel Nour dates each year.

·A visit to the countryside of the Arava Institute for Enviromental studies, a leading academic institution that brings together Jordanian, Palestinian, Israeli, and other students from all around the world for excellent coursework. The Arava Institute aims to provide the Middle East with a new generation of sophisticated professionals that will meet the region’s complex environmental challenges with richer and more innovative peace-building solutions.

·The last stop on the tour will be a taste of local liqueurs and dates in the lobby of the guest house.